UDONcrew and their Kickstarters…!

Hey folks! While we here at UDON haven’t run a Kickstarter campaign (yet…), some of the crew are involved with some neat projects that are worth your time and might-just-be worth your $$$! Check out these two Kickstarter projects, going now!



UDONcrew member Steven Cummings is the artist on FORAGER, a new all-ages sci-fi graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Steven’s turning in some really nice artwork on this one, check it out!




Rogues Gallery

Edwin Huang, last seen on Super Street Fighter Volume 1 is putting together this sketchbook/character study Art Book, ROGUE’S GALLERY. Looks like it’s gonna be lovely. Only 7 days left for this one, so don’t miss out!