UDON’s 31 Days of Hallowe’en! Day 2


Today! Take a trip to the Netherworld with this haunting image from DisgaeART!!: Disgaea Official Illustration Collection. This image depicts Mao, son of the Overlord, as he attends Evil Academy and learns just enough terrible skills to usurp his father! Artwork by Takehito Harada.

DISGAEArt!!! Disgaea Official Illustration Collection

Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1926778502
ISBN-13: 978-1926778501
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 Return to the Netherworld with one of UDON’s most hotly demanded art books of all time…DISGAEArt!!! Disgaea Official Illustration Collection!  

Compiling over 600 illustrations including character designs, box art, advertisements, pin-ups, short comics, and much more from all four flagship Disgaea video games, DISGAEArt!!! is awesome!

Featuring the artwork of Takehito Harada, character designer for the Disgaea series.