Winter/Spring 2013 Shipping Updates!


We’ve got tons of books on the way over the next few months, so we thought we would let you know where and when to expect our next few waves of awesome art books! All of the books below are printed (except Summer Wars Material Book in May), and have been shipped from our printers in Hong Kong. Of course, accidents and delays can happen, and none of these dates is 100% until the week before, but this should give you a solid indication of when to expect your favourite!

In stores now! 

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Legends Volume 2 – Really well drawn, compelling manga. We appreciate all of the love from Sengoku Basara fans, and if you aren’t a fan you should give it a shot… you might just be surprised!

In stores February 27 or March 6:

The Art of Brutal Legend – This book printed beautifully, and is huge! 300+ pages, 12″ x 12″, hard cover, silver ink and gloss on every page. This might be UDON’s fanciest art book of all time.

Growlanser Art Works – This printed really lovely, and is a full to the brim of gorgeous full-page illustrations by Urushihara Satoshi.

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Art Works – Printed and bound! Shipped and on its way! And if you liked either Valkyria Chronicles 1 or 2, you’re gonna LOVE Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Artworks!


In stores April 2 or earlier:

Takehito Harada: Art Works Volume 1 – Even though it’s printed, we’re going to wait until the month it’s actually supposed to be out, to give everyone’s Artbook-buying meter a chance to recharge (heh). This book turned out amazingly too, Harada-san’s artwork basically glows on the page!

Midori Foo’s Book Of Pictures: This book is printed and has just shipped from our printer. That means it should arrive in stores in late March. Our publisher Erik Ko has copies and he says they’re gorgeous, so I’m looking forward to seeing it!

In stores May 1 or earlier:

Atelier: Artworks of Arland – Oh man, you will not believe how nice this book looks. We used a special ink that gives it the most intense, lovely pink to highlight the moe sweetness contained within. The look of the printed book basically cannot be duplicated on the screen. I have no idea how we’re even going to run previews of this book!

In stores in May:

Summer Wars: Material Book – This is the only book on this list that’s NOT printed, but don’t fret! It’s waiting at the printers for us to say the word… since we’ve got 3 months we thought we might wait on it. 😀

So it looks like February through May of this year are going to be full of books, and full of ON TIME books too! How about that?

Thanks for your continuing support, UDON fans! To find our books from a retailer near you or online, check out: