World of Warcraft Tribute website updated!

Planning to submit your awesome artwork for the WORLD OF WARCRAFT® TRIBUTE collection? Wait no more! The official website is now updated with complete rules and guidelines for entry, along with the submission form to send in your work for consideration!

This collection will offer a chance for hundreds of professional and fan artists to show off their artistic skills and pay homage to their favorite characters, settings and moments from the phenomenally popular, worldwide sensation, World of Warcraft. All styles of art are welcome – digital painting, traditional media, anime, western comics, cartoon, pixel-based, even sculptures – whatever best expresses your love for WARCRAFT!

If you’ve submitted to our previous Tribute collections, please take the time to read through these requirements anyway! Some of the guidelines are different from our past Tribute books, especially regarding ownership and sharing of submitted artwork.

Submissions will be accepted until January 15th, 2013.