Details on Street Fighter III backup stories

1:06 pm July 14, 2009

While UDON has included a diverse array of martial artists in the studio’s Street Fighter® comics, there’s still a generation of fighters that have received ...

Marvel VS Capcom 2 – Episode 3

12:45 pm July 14, 2009

Check out the 3rd of 6 trailers for Marvel VS Capcom 2, featuring the art of UDON! More Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Info

Marvel VS Capcom 2 – Episode 2

2:27 pm July 7, 2009

Check out the 2nd of 6 trailers for Marvel VS Capcom 2, featuring the art of UDON! More Marvel vs. Capcom 2 News & Previews

Darkstalkers Tribute premieres this week at Anime Expo

12:06 am June 30, 2009

UDON is attending Anime Expo this weekend July 2-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but the big news is that we’ll be premiering the ...

Marvel VS Capcom 2 – Episode 1

2:04 am June 27, 2009

Here’s the first of six new trailers for Marvel VS Capcom 2. While the game itself looks better than ever, the trailer also features a ...

Preview: SF II Turbo #7

10:02 pm June 19, 2009

July 8 sees the release of Street Fighter II Turbo #7. Check out a preview of this epic issue! Synopsis: The casts of Street Fighter and Final ...

Preview: SFL Chun-li #3

5:00 pm June 8, 2009

On sale Wednesday, Jun 10 is Street Fighter Legends Chun-li #3! This issue expect appearances by a slew of Chinese fighters including Gen, Fei Long, ...

Street Fighter Magazine Issue #2

1:17 pm May 14, 2009

Our friends at the Street Fighter Blog recently released the second issue of their online Street Fighter Magazine. This issue features and interview with UDON’s ...

Street Fighter movie blu-ray to include UDON DVD-comic

2:06 am May 8, 2009

20th Century Fox has just announced the details of the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li blu-ray release. One goodie included will be an extra DVD ...

New Manga For Kids titles on sale!

3:31 pm May 6, 2009

Today sees the release of Fairy Idol Kanon Vol.1, the latest series in UDON’s Manga for Kids line. Fairy Idol Kanon Vol.1 joins Ninja Baseball ...