Swans in Space Vol.1 in stores now

6:51 am November 12, 2009

Swans in Space Vol.1, UDON’s first full color Manga for Kids title, is now available in stores. This fun sci-fi space adventure for girls is ...

Street Fighter IV #4 in stores

6:35 am November 12, 2009

Don’t forget, the final issue of Street Fighter IV, issue #4, is in stores now! Don’t miss the exciting conclusion, especially Seth VS Akuma!

Darkstalkers comics are back!

1:52 am November 11, 2009

After the hugely positive response to the Darkstalkers Tribute art book, fan outcry for more Darkstalkers stories became clear. Now, the ghoulish monsters and sexy ...

Street Fighter III backup stories extended

6:09 am November 10, 2009

Hey gang! In case you haven’t heard… since we were having so much fun with the Street Fighter III character backups in Street Fighter II Turbo ...

SF II Turbo #9 on sale this now!

6:47 pm November 4, 2009

Street Fighter fans, don’t forget: Street Fighter II Turbo #9 is on sale now! And if you missed it, check out the preview for the ...

SFII HD Remix intro sequence

9:32 pm November 2, 2009

For all the fans of UDON’s work on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, here’s a little bonus for you! While everyone knows that ...

Street Fighter IV #4 preview

2:52 am October 28, 2009

*Note – to all patient SF comic fans: Unfortuantely there was a mistake made in shipping our latest comic from our printer, which will delay ...

Darkstalkers Tribute on sale now!

1:17 am October 20, 2009

It’s here! The Darkstalkers Tribute art book, UDON’s most anticipated project of 2009, has just hit store shelves. Featuring 300 pages of all new artwork ...

Fairy Idol Kanon Vol.2 in stores now

9:56 pm October 12, 2009

Fairy Idol Kanon Vol. 2, the latest addition to UDON’s MangaFor Kids line has just arrived in stores! Synopsis: Kanon journeys to the land of the fairies ...

Long Vo custom arcade cabinet up for auction

11:00 pm October 7, 2009

From Capcom-Unity: Capcom will be auctioning off this awesome custom SF2 cabinet (hand-painted by UDON’s Long Vo) next week at the games’ industry annual Nite2Unite charity ...