Art of Darksiders 2 coverUDON Entertainment is proud to announce to the world the existence of our newest Limited Edition Hard Cover: The Art of Darksiders II.

This special edition of our incredibly popular original artbook The Art of Darksiders II features a gorgeous cover image by Joe Madureira wtih a special foil and gloss treatment. In addition, it’s got an extra-sturdy cloth binding meaning that this edition will last you a very long time indeed…

You can find The Art of Darksiders II: Limited Edition Hard Cover exclusively at UDONstore.com. The book is in-stock and ready for immediate order and shipping!

In addition, we have also uncovered a very small supply of the original, sold-out The Art of Darksiders: Limited Edition HC, which is also currently available for immediate order and shipping.

– UDON Staff


Art of Darksiders II (UDON 2012 in Review)


Art of Darksiders 2 coverArt of Darksiders II

December was an incredible month for UDON, as we released some of our most-anticipated books of all time! It’s hard to say what the favourite was, but we can say that the fan-reaction was through the roof!

Following up on UDON’s original artbook based on the smash-hit video game DARKSIDERS from THQ, Joe Madureira Presents: The Art of Darksiders was a smash-success, and was quick to sell-out and begin fetching crazy prices in the aftermarket. Fans demanded a new printing, and UDON released one… alongside the amazing sequel!

The Art of Darksiders II is a stunning collection of 226 pages of artwork, showcasing the amazing art created for one of 2012’s smash-hit games. Response to The Art of Darksiders II was so has been so strong that we actually sold out, and had to reprint immediately (copies will be available again soon, though there are lots available at retail stores now).

Thanks for making our last month of the year such a fantastic success, UDON fans!

Art of Darksiders II

Awakened by the End of Days, Death, the most feared of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, embarks on a quest to undo Armageddon! The Art of Darksiders II collects the dark and dynamic artwork behind the second installment in the fan-favorite Darksiders video game series. Featuring the artwork of legendary comic artist Joe Madureira (X-men, Battle Chasers, Avenging Spider-man) and the Vigil Games art team, the book collects full color illustrations, character & environment designs, unused concepts, and more!

Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1-926778-53-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-53-2

Format: Softcover
Page Count: 226, Color
Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long

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SOLD OUT: Art of Darksiders, Mega Man X: OCW, Monster Hunter Illustrations

Hi folks,

Chris from UDON here. I just wanted to fill you in on a the status of a few books that we’re getting a lot of e-mails about these days.

First and foremost, we want to make it clear that UDON supports every book we release, and provides large print runs. Every book discussed below was available at retail prices, sometimes even at a discount, for at least 12 full months. We print our books to be in stock for at least a year, usually two, and we do reprint many titles each year.

That said, if there’s a book you’re on the fence about right now, you might want to pull the trigger on that particular purchase. 😉

So, here’s what’s up:

Mega Man X: Official Complete Works coverMega Man X: Official Complete Works: We’re currently sold out of this item, and we’re planning a reprint of this material in 2013. I will say that the last two comic book stores I walked into had copies on their shelves, sometimes lots of copies, for cover price. Just because someone on [popular book website] is selling their copy for $400 doesn’t mean it’s actually that rare–there are thousands and thousands of them out in retail stores. Find a comic book store near you by visiting http://www.comicshoplocator.com and see if they’ve got a copy.

Fun Fact: Last year at PAX Prime we had a ton of these books on the table, and even some left unsold after the end of the show! This book also came out at Christmas in 2009, and was available at cover price for two and a half years.

The Art of Phoenix Wright and Monster Hunter Illustrations: At present, we do not have plans to reprint either of these titles, sad to say. Usually for artbooks like these, we try to reprint them alongside new books in their series’. While both of these amazing games do have additional art books tied to other games in their respective series in Japan, we haven’t worked out contracts for the new books, and so the older books are back-burnered for now.

Fun Fact: Monster Hunter Illustrations ‘officially’ sold out about a month ago, which means that there are still tons of copies out there at book and comic stores. Check the stores in your area to see if they’ve got copies.

The Art of Darksiders: At San Diego and in Diamond’s ‘Previews’ catalogue, we announced that we would be reprinting this volume in October–at the same time as The Art of Darksiders II. So there are definitely copies on the way for this one, and you can pre-order it at your local comic shop or sign up to be notified when it’s available again at any of the popular book websites.

Fun Fact: We printed a lot of copies of The Art of Darksiders— it’s a great game and a beautiful book! Copies were available for cover price or less for more than 20 months in both hardcover and softcover. That’s almost two years!

So there you have it, the statuses of some of our popular books. Some are coming back into print soon, some are going to take a little while, and some we’re just not sure about at the moment.

As a reminder, we wrote up a whole blog post a little while back about out of print books and how to find copies (http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/udon/a-quick-note-about-out-of-print-books/) that we recommend you check out. And we appreciate your e-mails and tweets and FB messages letting us know you wish a book could be back in print. We understand you’re contacting us because you care about these books and the games they’re based on, and we care about them too! We wouldn’t have published the books in the first place if we didn’t.

As always, thanks for purchasing our products, and thanks for your support.

– Chris, UDON