NOW AVAILABLE: PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works (10-page preview)


UDON Entertainment Proudly Presents

PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works

Collecting the artwork behind this unique, female-centered fighting game!

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PhantomBreaker_Interiors_English-28UDON Entertainment is proud to present its newest art book release, PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works! Collecting the original artwork from the cult-favorite Japanese fighting game “Phantom Breaker,” PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works is chock-full of beautiful pin-ups, detailed character designs, and even an exclusive pull-out poster! Fans won’t want to miss this one.

New to the series? Well, in “Phantom Breaker,” a mysterious man has granted a select few people the ability to use special powers in a no-holds-barred fighting tournament! Each of the duelists brings a unique weapon to the fight and battles in the shadows of Tokyo for a chance to have their dearest wish come true! With a roster comprised almost entirely of female fighters, every fan will find a character to love thanks to PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works’ thoroughly explored character profiles and incredibly detailed costumes!

Japanese fans of manga, anime, and fighting games have flocked to this series, thanks to both its deep gameplay and especially its beautiful moe anime character designs by illustrator/designer Hiro Suzuhira! In addition to Phantom Breaker, Suzuhira is well-known among hardcore fans for her contributions to the Shuffle! visual novel series, and in the exclusive interview contained in PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works with Suzuhira and producer Masaki Sakari, Suzuhira talks about the genesis of her character designs and what it’s like to design a new fighting game from the ground up! Fans of Suzuhira’s sexy and strong illustration style won’t be disappointed!

Phantom Breaker cover

PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works is a 112-page release from UDON Entertainment, fully translated and localized from Japanese into English. It contains character profiles, pin-up artwork, rough sketches, unused character concepts, commentary by the character designer throughout the book, and a feature-length interview with producer Masaki Sakari and designer Hiro Suzuhira. It is currently available in better comic book shops across North America, and will be released through bookstores and online booksellers in the next 6-12 days.


PHANTOM BREAKER: Official Visual Works

Release date: Available Now!
Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1-927925-00-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-927925-00-3
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 112, Color
Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″