Rocket Fox the Game is Out!

Rocket Fox, the video game that inspired the webcomic running on Shifty Look by UDONers Stacy King and Shane Law, is now available for iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad!

Play through the first world for FREE and discover Guy Fox’s amazing acrobatic flights of fancy and crazy costume changes. Then, once you’ve played the game, read through the webcomic archives to see more of the story!


Rocket Fox Launches on ShiftyLook!

We’re happy to announce the launch of UDON’s latest comic strip for the ShiftyLook universe: Rocket Fox! The series features artwork by UDON founder Shane Law and scripts from Stacy King, with new strips appearing every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rocket Fox is a new mobile platform game launching this spring from Namco Bandai Games America. Players take on the role of Guy Fox, an excited young student in the ways of Flowerockets and Foxfire. His wise teacher, Zenko, teaches Guy how to trigger the Flowerockets and collect their mystical Foxfire energy – but the foxes aren’t the only ones interested in this magical flower power! Grand Marshall, a military madman, wants to seize the Flowerockets for his own evil purposes. It’s up to Guy and his pals to figure out his plan before it’s too late!

The Rocket Fox webcomic is an all-ages adventure filled with slapstick humor, silly puns and high-flying fun. Along with his fellow students Samiho and Huli, Guy Fox must find a way to stop Grand Marshall from using the local village’s parade as a cover for the theft of this year’s Flowerocket blossoms! You can check out the first strip online, with two more episodes appearing every week on Wednesday and Saturdays.