Announcing: UDON’s Art Of Capcom Complete Edition & Comic-Con Exclusive Edition


UDON Entertainment is proud to announce its newest project, and its San Diego Comic-Con 2014 show exclusive: UDON’s Art of Capcom: Complete Edition!

Collecting over 10 years of UDON’s Capcom artwork in one epic 600+ page hardcover volume!

UDON’s Art of Capcom: Complete Edition gathers more than 80 UDON artists’ renditions of the cast of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Mega Man, Strider, and other classic Capcom franchises. Included are comic covers, toy designs, video game sprites, game box art, tribute art, and much more!


Exclusive to Comic-Con International: San Diego, UDON artist Joe Ng has illustrated an amazing wrap-around dust jacket that touches on the entire Capcom universe! Created in homage to Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura’s Capcom Design Works covers, this dust jacket is sure to be a favourite of Capcom fans old and new! Available at Comic-Con this July, months before the regular edition ships this fall!

UDON’s Art of Capcom: Complete Edition features:

– Includes all of the artwork from UDON’s Art of Capcom Volume 1 and 2!
– Over 75 pages of brand new material not included in previous editions!
– Includes material from video games Capcom Fighting Evolution, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, and Marvel VS Capcom (series).
– Massive, 600+ page hardcover tome!
– Comic art, toy designs, sprite artwork, game box art, tribute pieces, and so much more!
– A monument to UDON and Capcom’s decade-long partnership in creating amazing artwork!


Includes Artwork by the following amazing creators:

Adrian Alphona – Kaare Andrews – Joy Ang – Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias – Hitoshi Ariga – Jay Axer – Carlo Barberi – Mark Brooks – J. Scott Campbell – Roberto Campus – Jo Chen – Christine Choi – Alex Chung – Jeffrey Cruz – Steven Cummings – Danimation – Greg Danton – Omar Dogan – Edayan – Gala Ferriere – Ale Garza – James Ghio – Dax Gordine – Keron Grant – Espen Grundetjern – Scott Hepburn – Andrew Hou – Edwin Huang – Ben Huen – Ikeno – Judy Jong – Lou Kang – Hyung-Tae Kim – Herbert Kwan – Salvadaor Larroca – Kevin Lau – Shane Law – Alvin Lee – Mark Lee – Corey Lewis – Warren Louw – Susan Luo – Joe Madureira – Ed McGuiness – Josh Middleton – Alex Milne – Jorge Molina – Matt Moylan – Joe Ng – Dustin Nguyen – Yasuhiro Nightow – Ryan Odagawa – Saejin Oh – Charles Park – Rob Porter – Crystal Reid – Rob Ruffolo – Noi Sackda – Saka – Andy Seto – Shinkiro – Ken Siu-Chong – Hanzo Steinbach – Chris Stevens – Christina Strain – Bob Strang – Ramil Sunga – Lesean Thomas – Sigmund Torre – Arnold Tsang – Eric Vedder – Adam Vehige – Long Vo – Joe Vriens – Chad Walker – Alan Wang – Adam Warren – Emily Warren – Kevin Yan – Gary Yeung – Skottie Young – Jim Zub


So we’ll see you at Comic-Con Preview Night, Wednesday July 23rd, so you can get your hands on the very first copies of UDON’S ART OF CAPCOM: COMPLETE EDITION – COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE DUST JACKET EDITION!

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