Announcing: Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works


Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works
The day you’ve been waiting for is here, as UDON Entertainment is proud to announce Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works!

P4A_coverHey UDON fans! You’ve loved our previous releases from the Persona series featuring the art of Shigenori Soejima, including Shigenori Soejima: Design Works, Persona 3: Official Design Works, and Persona 4: Official Design Works. For the last year you’ve been begging us to release an English edition of the art book based on the newest entry in the series, Persona 4 Arena… well, the day has arrived!

This July UDON Entertainment will be releasing the English Edition of Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works. Filled to the brim with gorgeous illustrations, character designs, interviews and story & background info on all of the characters in the hit fighting game!

Check out the cover and 7 preview pages from the book below, as well as the complete book info. Please remember, all of these images are Pending Licensor Approval!

Thanks again for your tweets, your facebook messages, your e-mails, and even coming up to us at conventions asking for this book! We’re happy to be bringing it to you this summer!

– Your friends at UDON Entertainment
P.S.: Just before PAX East we also announced Devil Survivor: Official Materials Collection, which you might be interested in!

Persona 4 Arena: Official Design Works
Featuring the art of Shigenori Soejima!

Fight and survive, heading towards the one throne waiting at the end in Persona 4 Arena! The fighting game spin-off to the legendary Persona 4 RPG is an instant classic! Now this spectacular art book collects the artwork behind the landmark title, including character designs, rough sketches, storyboards and pinups. All this plus character profiles, story summaries, creator interviews and more!

Release Date: July 2013
Price: $39.99
ISBN: 1-926778-81-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-81-5
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 176 Pages, Colour
Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″
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Persona 4: Official Design Works (UDON 2012 in Review)


Persona4_interiors-1Persona 4: Official Design Works

Persona 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed Japanese role-playing games of all time! The game has inspired anime, manga, drama CDs, and more, with a live-action movie in production now, a PlayStation Vita remake titled Persona 4: Golden, and the smash-hit spin-off brawler Persona 4: Arena! In August UDON was proud to release Persona 4: Official Design Works, collecting all of the original art, design, and behind-the-scenes material any fan could want!

Persona 4: Official Design Works is packed with hundreds of illustrations, sketches, character designs, landscape paintings, and even more from fan-favorite designer and artist Shigenori Soejima, the game’s art director and character designer. Soejima goes in-depth on nearly every illustration, with extensive comments on every major character and revealing insight into background and secondary characters, the creation process, and the game’s setting. The beautiful illustrations and in-depth creator commentary are capped off with a massive, 9,000-word interview with Soejima, detailing the entire game’s creation from start to finish!

Persona 4: Official Design Works describes itself as “the full Soejima experience,” and any fan will be delighted with the wealth of material in this collection! Persona 4: Official Design Works followed on UDON’s two previous successful art book releases featuring the work of Soejima, Shigenori Soejima Artworks in December 2011, and Persona 3: Official Design Works in June 2012, both of which were met with rave reviews from fans in North America and around the world!

Persona 4: Official Design Works Key Features:

  • A wealth of amazing illustrations by the acclaimed Shigenori Soejima, including commentary throughout!
  • A 9,000-word interview with Soejima, covering the entire design process for the game! Fascinating for game designers, inspiring for budding artists.
  • A gorgeous, oversized English edition of the Japanese art book, fully translated and printed in a larger format than the original, to match UDON’s standard art book size!
  • Persona 4 is often cited as one of the greatest Japanese RPGs of all time!
  • Part of a multimedia wave of Persona 4 releases, including video games, anime, statues, and toys!

Persona 4: Official Design Works

Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1-926778-45-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-45-7
Diamond: FEB121165
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 192, Color
Size: 8.25″ wide X 11.75″ long

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Persona 3 Official Design Works (UDON 2012 in Review)


Persona 3: Official Design Works

Fans couldn’t wait to dive back into The Dark Hour with Persona 3: Official Design Works! Ever since the late-2011 release of Shigenori Soejima Artworks, the collection of pinups and illustrations by Persona 3 & 4 designer Shigenori Soejima, fans of the series had been practically begging us to bring over this book… and who are we to say no? Of course, we had some amazing good-fortune as several of the characters in Persona 3 were brought back in this year’s smash hit fighting game P4 Arena, so new generations of fans have been discovering this amazing book!

Persona 3: Official Design Works, is a stunning compendium of the art and design work that went into creating the fan-favourite PlayStation 2, PSP, and PSN video game. But Persona 3: Official Design Works is more than just a collection of amazing art—although there’s certainly enough of it in there! Featuring rough sketches, final production artwork, early game designs, CG works, storyboards, character designs, backgrounds, and even more, this is a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at Persona 3 for art and game fans alike… but it doesn’t stop there!

Soejima-sensei has added additional commentary to more than half of the book, digging into his creative process, his feelings on his work, and even his feelings on the characters themselves! All of Soejima-sensei’s comments have been faithfully translated by UDON’s production team—including a huge 8,000-word interview—leading to a book that you’ll read again, and again, and again!

Speaking of UDON’s production team, we went all out to ensure that this is one of our nicest-looking art books ever! In addition to our ‘regular’ large book size and top-quality printing, Persona 3: Official Design Works also features additional silver ink accenting on every page! We also chose a special pearlescent paper and foil stamping for the cover, and utilized a special printing process to make the whole image pop! Artwork this good needs a package to match, and no fan of Persona or Soejima-sensei will want to be without this amazing book on their bookshelf!

Persona 3: Official Design Works

Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1-926778-43-X
ISBN-13: 978-1926778433
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 144, Color
Size: 8.25″ x 11.75″

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Shigenori Soejima Art Works: 6 Page Preview!

Shigenori Soejima Art Works Cover

Are you a fan of Persona 3? Persona 4? Have you discovered the amazing art and character design of Shigenori Soejima? Then have we got news for you! Our highly-anticipated, long-awaited art book featuring the fabulous art of Soejima-sensei will be available in better comic book stores everywhere on Wednesday December 7th! Amazon/B&N/Bookstore orders should be available in the next few weeks.

Packed to the gills with amazing art from Persona 3 & Persona 4 as well as other amazing pieces from throughout Soejima-Sensei’s career! This book includes process work (pencils/inks) for a selection of pages, and an English translation of the most recent interview with Soejima-Sensei about his art, life, and career! It’s an amazing collection that no fan should be without!

UDON is proud to present an exclusive, 6 page preview from Shigenori Soejima Art Works right here! Include s the first page of the interview! Rush out to comic book stores tomorrow to get the whole thing!

To find a comic book store in your area, visit or (in the U.S. and Canada) call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.