Makeshift Miracle is on fire…!



makeshift_webbuttonHey UDON fans! Have you been reading Makeshift Miracle, our free webcomic updated twice a week?! The story has REALLY kicked into high gear, and artist Shun Hong Chan is turning out some gorgeous fantasy artwork here! Plus a little fella making a splash in the larger world of comics, Jim Zub, is cranking out a pretty epic story too…!

If you’ve never read Makeshift Miracle before, all you need to know that it’s about a sullen young man that has a strange woman literally fall into his life, setting off an incredible adventure!

You can start reading the series online right here, at Chapter 1.

The Makeshift Miracle Book 1 coverIf you purchased Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl From Nowhere, first off, thanks! and secondly, you should start reading right here, at Chapter 7.

Makeshift Miracle is also available in stunning HD that really shows off the art and colours at Comixology.

…and as we mentioned, the first 6 chapters have been collected into Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl from Nowhere, in a beautiful hardcover format with bonus features, gorgeous artwork, and more!

Whatever format you choose, just make sure to check out Makeshift Miracle today!