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Issue #6 has just begun, featuring the first fateful battle between Akuma and Ryu, with even more surprises in store to wrap up our first story arc! As a special bonus, the strip will be updating every day in December… including weekends! Don’t forget to visit every day to see all of the action.

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The very first prequel story featuring Ryu and Sagat’s epic battle from the original Street Fighter, not to mention our first stupendous issue introducing Shadaloo, Cammy, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile and more of the world warriors? Already online! Now it’s time to dig into the deepening mystery behind the death of Ryu & Ken’s master Gouken, and Chun-Li and Guile try to crack the secrets of Shadaloo…!

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Street Fighter #2 art by Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang.