New Super Street Fighter IV characters: Adon, Cody, and Guy!


Just announced in Famitsu Magazine is the return of three Street Fighter favorites in 2010’s new Super Street Fighter IV game. Last seen in the Street Fighter Alpha game series, players can look forward to the return of:

Adon – The wild jaguar of May Thai, and Sagat’s former pupil.

Guy – The 39th master of Bushin-Ryu ninjitsu, and one of the heroes of Final Fight’s Metro City.

Cody – Another Metro City native, this fallen hero now spends his days in prison, occasionally breaking out to find some street fighting action!

If you can’t get enough of this classic SF Alpha crew, all 3 characters(and many, many more!) appear in the upcoming Street Fighter Vol.5: Kick It Into Turbo trade paperback, on sale everywhere December 2nd!

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