New Title Releases for 2015 and 2016!!!

UDON has once again tackled the monster of a convention that is known as San Diego Comic Convention!! We had tons of fun organizing the variety of signings ( Devil May Cry, Basara Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Street Fighter 4 & 5 producer Yoshinori Ono-san and Chun-Li creator and Legend Akiman) and events (raffles and auctions of our banners) for you!! We want to send a HUGE thank you to our UDON fans that repeatedly come back every year to support us and also to those who are finding out about UDON for the first time as well! We appreciate every one of you!

We announced some INCREDIBLE titles at the UDON panel at SDCC for the end of 2015 and the upcoming 2016 year as well and have summed it all up in this blog post! Founder and President Erik Ko says, “We have worked very hard this past year to bring in some new and very exciting projects . We really believe our new books are going to thrill our fans and bring a new audience to the UDON catalog.”


Manga Titles announced for Comic Con International in San Diego were:

Kill la Kill Vol.1 by Kazuki Nakashima (August 2015)  

Kill la Kill  adapted from the hit anime television series produced by Trigger. It follows vagrant schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father’s killer, which brings her into violent conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin, the iron-fisted student council president of Honnouji Academy, and her mother’s fashion empire.


Stein’s Gate Vol.1  by Nitroplus (August 2015)

Based on the video game property, Steins;Gate is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat where the protagonists discover time travel using texting and a microwave oven!  Suddenly they are desperate to save the lives their friends and the results are never what they expect.

Steins Gate UDON


Sugar Sugar Rune by Moyoco Anno (2nd Quarter 2016)

In the Magical World, the future queen is chosen by selecting two young witches and sending them to the Human World, where they’ll compete to capture the hearts of boys. Whoever has collected the most by the end of the competition is crowned queen.

This generation’s Queen Candidates are best friends and polar opposites Vanilla Mieux and Chocolat Meilleure, the daughters of the current queen and her former competitor (respectively). They’re aided by their assigned mentor and guardian, pop idol witch Rockin’ Robin, and their two animal familiars, Blanca the mouse and Duke the frog.

But the girls have more to deal with than just competing for hearts at school. There’s something weird about the cool, mysterious middle school boy Pierre, who resembles the evil king Glace—and he seems to be after Chocolat. Now, both trapped within their own new goals, the two witches must fight their way and retain a friendship which no magic can defeat.

Sugar Sugar Rune UDON


The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda (2nd Quarter 2016)   

First time in English!

The Rose of Versailles also known as Lady Oscar or La Rose de Versailles, is one of the best-known titles in shōjo manga and a media franchise created by Riyoko Ikeda.

The story focuses on Oscar François de Jarjayes, a girl raised as a man to become her father’s successor as leader of the Palace Guards. A brilliant combatant with a strong sense of justice, Oscar is proud of the life she leads, but becomes torn between class loyalty and her desire to help the impoverished as revolution brews among the oppressed lower class. Also important to the story are her conflicting desires to live life as both a militant and a regular woman as well as her relationships with Marie Antoinette, Count Axel von Fersen, and servant and best friend André Grandier.

It features elements of the yuri genre embodied in the relationship between Oscar and her protégée Rosalie Lamorlière, the secret daughter of the scheming Madame de Polignac, whose admiration for Oscar may be interpreted as either hero worship or romantic love. Many of the court ladies also greatly adore Oscar, openly admiring her at parties and become very jealous when she brings female companions to them.

Rose of Versailles UDON



The World of Professor Layton (November 2015)

The World of Professor Layton: Official Fan book, an art book that covers the entire series and anime feature film, as well as The Art of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Capcom’s visual book is apparently “one of our top fan requests” according to the publisher, and will now be making its way westward.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Artworks (October 2015)

This new artbook collects various illustrations and designs from the long running video game series by Atlus!

Street Fighter Unlimited   (December 2015)   

Udon will now start a new monthly ongoing Street Fighter comic series in print and digital! It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but with Street Fighter V on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to start!



Shovel Knight Art Book (1st Quarter 2016)

Shovel Knight UDON

Fans of retro sprite art need look no further! We’ve partnered with Yacht Club games to bring you all of the awesome art that went into the making of this indy darling Shovel Knight.

Battle Chasers (Release Date TBA)



Those who followed the career of artist Joe Madueira will no doubt recognize his creator-owned title Battle Chasers from the late 90’s. Recently announced as a new comic series as well as a video game based on the property, Battle Chasers will also return as an art book by UDON Entertainment that collects all of the newly created material from this beautiful series.

Persona Q: Official Visual Materials (2nd Quarter 2016)

Persona Q UDON


Persona Q follows our series of Persona 4 books in the same way the Persona Q games are spun off from the Persona game series. Lots of great art to appreciate for fans of both Shin Megami Tensei as well as Persona 4.

Eyes of Bayonetta 2: Art Book  (2nd Quarter 2016)

Eyes of Bayonetta 2 UDON


Last, but not least, the follow up to our first Bayonetta art book, Eyes of Bayonetta 2 will continue all of the beautiful madness from the sequel to this critically acclaimed game series by Platinum Games.