UDON at C2E2 with ShiftyLook!

UDON artist Dax Gordine (Bravoman) will be appearing at C2E2 in Chicago, April 13-15, 2012 with the ShiftyLook crew!

Dax will be signing autographs at ShiftyLook Retro Arcade & Chalk Art Fun Zone on Friday at 2-2:30 pm. He will also appearing on the ShiftyLook panel Saturday at 6:45 pm in room N426b. Come on by, meet Dax, talk comics and maybe even score some ShiftyLook swag!

ShiftyLook’s Retro Arcade & Chalk Art Fun Zone is a free-to-play arcade featuring original arcade classics like Mrs. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Rolling Thunder! Better yet, they’ll have a number of original Japanese arcade boards on hand, with updated cabinets featuring art from their respective ShiftyLook comics, such as Xevious, Sky Kid and Bravoman, all courtesy of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., and NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC.

For more details and a exhibit hall map, please check out the C2E2 update at ShiftyLook.com!