UDON Trade Paperbacks Back in Print – Now with Foil Covers


To celebrate Street Fighter’s 20th anniversary, we’ve made sure all of UDON’s Street Fighter trade paperbacks are back in print. Not only that, but the new printings of Street Fighter Vol 1-3 also feature special foil covers, just like the recently released Vol.4 TPB! They make a great addition to any Street Fighter collection. All 4 volumes of Street Fighter are available now.

And, just so no book feels left out, we’ve also given the foil treatment to the new printing of the Darkstlakers Vol.1 TPB. We’ve also increased the paper quality from earlier printings for a thicker book and truer colours. This titles has been out of printing for a while, and is one of our most asked about books. Now everyone can enjoy Darkstalkers Vol.1 in this handsome collected edition.

Street Fighter Vol 1: Round One: Fight!
ISBN: 978-0-9738652-0-2    Order now from:     AMAZON     BARNES&NOBLE    TOWER

Street Fighter Vol.2: The New Challengers
ISBN:  978-0-9738652-7-1    Order now from:     AMAZON     BARNES&NOBLE  

Street Fighter Vol.3: Fighter’s Destiny
ISBN:  978-0-9738652-8-8    Order now from:     AMAZON     BARNES&NOBLE     TOWER

Street Fighter Vol.4: Bonus Stage
ISBN:  978-1-897376-00-3    Order now from:     AMAZON     BARNES&NOBLE     TOWER

Darkstalkers Vol.1: Rise of the Dark Ones
ISBN:  978-1-932796-34-6     Order now from:     AMAZON